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What are the fees for buying bitcoin?

Our service fee is 1.5%. In addition, there is the mining fee.
All fees are clearly displayed before the purchase. 

What is the mining fee?

For each Bitcoin transaction, a mining fee ("mining fee") must be paid in order to be processed quickly by the network. We pass on the mining fee when sending bitcoins, using the mining fee paid on average over the last 25 transactions.

This fee depends on the utilization of the Bitcoin network and can be relatively high at some points in time. Especially for small purchase amounts, the mining fee can be a substantial part of the Bitcoin amount. So please check the current mining fee before you buy, it is always displayed before you buy.

Please also note that the mining fee is not collected by Coinfinity. The mining fee goes to the miners in the Bitcoin network and ensures that your transaction is recorded in the blockchain in a timely manner.