What is a Lightning address?

The lighting network is extremely complex and integration must be well thought out. For this reason, we will approach it bit by bit. In the first step, we will limit the payouts here to the formats "Lightning address" and "LNURL pay".


These formats look exemplary as follows: 

Lightning address: lightning@coinfinity.co


If needed, you can find more details about the formats here on coincharge.io

The big advantage of these formats is that the receiving user does not have to be online at the moment of the payout. The user experience is then very similar to a normal purchase via Bitcoin on-chain, with the small difference that an email address format or a static LNURL is inserted as the receiving address. For now, however, this is only possible for single purchases, and not yet for savings plans. This will follow in the next step.

However, a Lightning address is not available through every Lightning wallet, and especially with those wallet apps that we think are very good because you hold your own keys, such as Phoenix Wallet, unfortunately not yet.

If you have your own Lightning node (a network node), you can create a Lightning address, there are some good instructions for this on the Internet. Node operators are usually power users who can do this without our help. The Zeus app is particularly suitable for creating your own node on the road!

By the way, here are some services that will help you get a Lightning address: The Lightning Address

In this post from our Lightning developer Johnny, you'll find even more information on different Lightning reception options.

For those who want it to be easier and are aware of the risks of using a custodial wallet (this is a wallet where the provider manages the cryptographic keys), we recommend these 3 custodial wallets, among others:

  • Wallet of Satoshi (one of the most popular custodial-lighting wallets).
  • Blink Wallet (formerly Bitcoin Beach Wallet) 
  • Alby (perfect from desktop, but also linkable to mobile wallets).

As I said, please keep in mind that in some cases you have to trust a third party.

Of course, we are working on being able to process normal Lightning invoices in the future. The integration will be extended gradually, but for now we are happy to be one of the first Bitcoin brokers to offer Lightning purchases to our customers!

Just try it out and send sats around the world in seconds!